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DMCA Reporting

Our staff looks for your content 24/7 and report it into our system. Every 15 minutes, our system sends out DMCA notices to the filehosts, tubes, torrents, blogs, newsgroups and other places that are hosting your content illegally. Our systems constantly monitor the reported URLs to see when and if the files are taken down.

Legal Assistance

As part of your monthly service, our team can assist your legal team by supplying the industry's most robust Evidence Packages detailing how sites, users, repeat infringers, etc... have been illegally using your content. These Evidence Packages have been the cornerstone of some of the largest legal cases over the last 5 years, and are responsible for taking some of the largest file hosting companies offline.

We report millions of infringements to Google, instantly removing them from search results, and lowering the search result placement of illegal sites on Google. We are a Google Trusted DMCA Partner.

Full Service

Our Escalation Team works tirelessly to get entire sites removed from the internet when they are not complying. The Escalation Team reaches out to ISPs, Billing Companies and Advertisers and anyone connected to piracy sites in order to cut off their funding.

We have two different types of Digital Fingerprints. Our first type of fingerprints comes in the form of embeddable data that we put into your content before it is downloaded. Then, when we find your content online illegally, we are able to tell you which of your users was responsible for uploading it. The second type of fingerprint gets sent to the most popular Tube Sites on the internet. If those sites find any content being uploaded that matches the fingerprint, they will automatically disallow the content and instead link to your site.

World-Class Dashboard

Our Client Dashboard is the best in the industry. You will see real-time data telling you everything you could possibly want to know about your content. What is the most pirated content? Who are the worst filehosts storing your content? Who are the repeat infringers and where are they posting? Find out this ad much, much more in our extremely robust Client Dashboard.

What's even better than our Great Technology? Amazing People.

Meet Sylvia, one of our top team members!