Client Testimonials


Porn Guardian is the single most time and cost effective way to combat piracy we’ve ever used. Working with Porn Guardian is one the best decisions we’ve made to combat piracy of our content.

Keith Webb


We moved to Porn Guardian because they search by hand with real people, eyes on the screen. We're not having the problems we had with our previous consultant. Fully automated searches simply aren't as effective against piracy - after all, "freeloaders" search by hand for our content too!

Colin Rowntree


I have been with Porn Guardian since its inception, and as the piracy problem has grown exponentially across the industry, so has their ability to keep pace with the crafty ways that pirates find to steal our work!

Bryan Ockert

Sean Cody

We needed to find a company that could not only help us with getting our content removed via DMCAs, but one that could help us prepare bullet-proof evidence packages for legal proceedings and go above and beyond when it comes to dealing with ISPs, billing processors and the rest of the piracy ecosystem that isn’t simply the DMCA. Porn Guardian was the obvious, and only, choice.

Brad Peterson


There was no piracy of our latest video! Your real-time watermarking system could be the beginning of the end for piracy as we know it right now.

Tim Krugar

Black Boy Addictionz

Since teaming up with PornGuardian over three years ago, BBA has earned a reputation for being difficult to find and quick to come down from the piracy sites. It always brings a smile to my face when I browse the comments on popular tube and file-sharing sites and regularly see comments such as "Get it now, because they'll take it down the second the owners find out!" or "That production company DOES NOT PLAY behind their videos!" I've even seen pirates warning each other that posting my videos will get their accounts terminated.

What they don't know is that our "secret weapon" behind this success in the war against piracy is PornGuardian! As the owner of a small business who simply lacks the time, energy, and resources needed to keep up with the tidal wave of piracy on a daily basis (a full-time job on its own!), PornGuardian frees up my time to focus on growing and thriving instead of just merely surviving.

Michael Galletta

Lucas Kazan

We have to fight the good fight. But we cannot do it alone. The pirates have stolen the fruits of our labor, shrunk our budgets, cut models' fees and left a wasteland behind them. Enters PornGuardian: yes, it has taken down thousands of links on our behalf. More importantly, it has offered counsel on the many fronts we'd be otherwise unfit to combat. And it' s bringing content producers together, raising awareness and empowering us to fight for our very survival. There's strength in unity, power in shared knowledge. Our friends at PornGuardian are the conduits to one and the other. United we stand, divided we fall. Come join us.

Lucas Kazan